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Wanna model and star in a band model rock star 'week in the life of' video while having the absolute time of your life?

Free for a week in the next month?

Like rock music fashion travel beaches and resorts?

Then this is for you!

We're looking for 1 to 3 girls a week over the next few weeks to help develop the experience for the future band girls who get chosen from our band model classes to go on tour.

We've put together a few band model rock star experience weeks for people who want a cool week away and to get footage and feedback on 'a week in the life of' with Secret Love before we start intaking the next people from the course for local tours.

The best of these are then chosen to go overseas with the band for 2 weeks to America in November. We want their in-house experience perfect before we choose the next ones so we wanna do some research of the new improvements with some people first.

It's like a week long lifestyle photo shoot. You'd just go to the places and gigs that the band goes to plus the hotels, travel, dinners, days out, sight seeing and more and film it all to make a little documentary video called 'Secret Love: A week in the life of a band model rock star' so that students who have started learning our songs know what great experience is in store if they get chosen.

It's a fun week of photo shoots, dinners, beach trips, lessons and gigs and for a limited time you can be part of it by just picking a start date below and booking for only $100! Just to cover your costs and to show you're serious at the time of booking. This is a lot less expensive than a usual spot - the discount is just to give us this extra feedback.

Just book like a normal photo shoot and arrive with a 'carry on luggage' sized bag and we'll cover the rest from destination to destination.

We're in a different city every week so you just start the next night we're in yours!

You can schedule a callback once you pick a start date if you'd like more info but be quick as with a deal like this these spots are very limited!

The whole week is jam packed full of fun from the moment you get there!

Choose your timeframe below and we'll see you soon!

You'll have the best week ever, we value your thoughts and feedback and your input will help so many girls who then go forward to have an even greater experience because of your help road testing a week with us. We really care about making people happy and want to sculpt the best experience possible to give everyone the time if their lives.

Book now!

Choose your adventure:

..Resorts travelling lessons concerts photo shoots location photo shoots new friends party games new city every week..

(All experience weeks start at 6pm on your chosen city and date and go for the number of days and finish at 10am at the destination city you specify.)

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How does it begin?
Fill out the form above!
Make sure you're free for that whole week
Secure your spot by completing payment of your placement fee.
Pack a small bag of essentials: toothbrush, phone, hairbrush, foundation etc.
Arrive at the next photo shoot/classes/performance and party night destination in your city on your selected date at 6pm and enjoy your party week!

You then get dropped back the next week.


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