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Wanna model in a video clip, mini live performance audience video and after show party games and challenges video to win points against girls from other cities?

Our nights include a series of individual promo photos and videos produced in small groups of 2 to 5 in your city to support our American music and fashion tour in November!

Roll up, appear in our designer swimwear and be in our promotional and music videos to be a star, compete in outrageous rock star challenges and for your chance to be picked to join us overseas in November - all expenses paid!

Just a couple of hours tfp for some amazing photos for your folio and a really great experience and a really funny night.

Message your number to our page to find out available session times and book for the shoot or use our online form link below.

Special Note: We're keeping who might be in the clip a secret, so it's a surprise when it comes out! So if you want to be in it, please only privately message the page or directly text us if you have any questions.

Secret Love is a rock band with a swimwear line and we also have an entertaining series of videos we're filming to showcase the party lifestyle of being on tour with us in each city including filming our after show party games, dares and rock star challenges to win points against girls from other cities - and you can be in the next one!

The night would consist of:

6pm Individual swimwear photo shoots for the video clip
6:30pm Trial band model class to get footage of you learning our songs
7pm Break to socialise
7:30pm Mini live performance by the band
8pm til
Party games and challenges to win points on our inter-city scoreboard

What are the challenges? They come in 5 categories: Resort Sports, Rock Star, Quit Your Day Job, Band Girl and Other. The more daring the more points. Each round you choose or just watch.

It's normally $100 for the whole party night but we're doing a few for half price (only $49!) to get extra footage for a promo video to show people how fun these nights are - always edited to a PG rating in case they get a bit rowdy, swearing during party games etc. Needs to go on YouTube/insta.

First trial party night half-price!!

If you'd like to book for one of these music fashion modelling and rock star challenge party nights use the form below to find the next one in your city:

More info txt:

+61 (0) 416 792 757

All sessions 6pm - 10pm on your chosen night.

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Band Model Classes - $299 - (includes 12 online classes to learn to play the band's music with a chance to play onstage, plus includes your party night pass and early afternoon access to the event)
Party Night Pass only - $49 - (photos, live performance, party games)

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