Welcome to the coolest video clip in history!

Secret Love's fashion photo shoots used to their best advantage showcasing over 3,000 girls from all over the world in one 3 minute stop motion scene!






From our concept of girls wearing our merch, learning then playing our songs on guitar, we've storyboarded a 180 second scene - that depicts the breathtaking life on tour with Secret Love, that over 3,000 models will step through in places all over the world over the next 12 months and together use the best frame from each to collate into one awesome 3 minute video clip.

Find the next stop motion filming dates for your city and book using the form below to be one of the 3,000 girls in our clip from all over the world!!

Spend a couple of hours with us when we're next in your city to add some frames to this momentous piece of art.

All shoots 6pm - 8pm on your chosen night.

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